Meet The President

Jane Doe has enjoyed an exciting and diverse career for the past 2 decades. As an alum of Northern Illinois University, she earned her bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences and minored in Chemistry. In the 1990's, Ms. Doe started off as a lab tech in a work-study program helping graduate and doctoral students with their thesis and research projects. She then went on to work for various pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the areas of research and development and quality control, testing everything from lyophilized drugs to contaminated soil. She has a keen understanding and appreciation for compliance and regulation.

In the 2000's, Ms. Doe traded in her test tubes and beakers for a career in sales. Working for Fortune 1000 companies such as Xerox, Canon and New York Life, she understands the importance of building solid business relationships with her global clients to address their business needs. More rewarding than making President's Club, was the ability to be seen as a trusted advisor to her clients. Ms. Doe served as the board president for her HOA in Phoenix, AZ for several years during the real estate crisis and has volunteered her time as the Vice President of Membership for the Chicago Chapter of the National Sales Network and as a career coach for Bridge Communities.

In 2011, Ms. Doe founded Sample Company to serve as a resource to the ever-so-changing healthcare community. No matter what your political views are, we can all agree the healthcare landscape will be forever changed with the Affordable Care Act. The shortage of qualified clinical professionals and independent medical groups is even more pronounced. Ms. Doe is dedicated and committed to making sure Sample Company is the resource you need to help your organization find and retain the right person so your practice can thrive.